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Dr Antoine Reed
Welcome to West Allis Central High School. The WAC family believes teamwork is our strength, diversity is our special power and success is necessary, non-negotiable and hard work!

We as administrators, teachers, and staff will work tirelessly each day to make sure that each student has access to every opportunity to learn and grow as a productive member of our school and community.  We will give every student a leg up, a pat on the back and, if needed, a nudge in the right direction to help each student rise up to and beyond expectations.

Our students invest in themselves academically, physically and socially to rise to their individual potential.  They support others on the same journey and strive to nurture success for each, for the other and for the whole.

Together we respect and promote diversity in identity, thinking and learning pathways, because we understand diversity to be our special power in creating success in our school and becoming empowered successful adults.

I personally welcome each student, family, teacher, staff and administrator, both new and returning, to West Allis Central.  I look forward to the journey, hard work, fun and success that this school year will bring to each in our community.

Bulldog Proud!
Dr. Antoine Reed